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April 8, 2019

Minimal Machines (in German)

Article in Circuit Cellar, December 2016:

Resource Algebra and the Future of FPGA Technology

For viewlng and downloading (PDFs):

Introduction (25 Pages)

IDAACS 2007 Presentation (PDF)

Two Research Reports

Resources instead of Cores? – Article in ACM Sigarch Computer Architecture News,  Volume 38, Number 2, May 2010, pages 49 – 63.

Excerpt:  Section 4  A metrics of efficiency (PDF)

A detailed preliminary description (PDFs):

1. Introduction

2. The  ReAl Computational Model

3. Platform Architecture

4. ReAl Machines

5. ReAl Systems on Silicon

6. Resource Management

7. Byte Codes

8. Machine Codes

In German:

An overview (Ueberblick)

A preliminary description (Vorlaeufige Kurzbeschreibung) (120 Pages)

Patent Applications:

  • DE 10 2005 021 749.4 "Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur programmgesteuerten Informationsverarbeitung",
  • US 11/430,824 "Method for Information Processing".